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The Multiple Computer Household

Visalia Direct: Virtual Valley
December 2008 Issue
November 3, 2008

The Multiple Computer Household

With five computers, I used to think my wife and I were unusual. We were at one time, I’m certain, but now I am finding “normal” households with even more computers.

A college professor I know had three systems for herself, one for her two children, and two for her husband. Eventually, she said with some resignation, she’ll have two teenagers and each son will want his own system.

How did this happen? It was one thing to have two kids, two cars, and two televisions. Now, we have three, four, or even five computers in a house. A September 2008 report by IDC, a technology consulting firm, suggests we should count computers per individual instead of systems per household. The average “Internet savvy” household has 3.11 computers and 2.25 people, one survey found.

We hate to part with computers that still work. Recycling a computer generally means giving it to a relative or friend. You can …