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The New Job Hunt: Searches Begin Online

Visalia Direct: Virtual Valley
April 2010 Issue
March 1, 2010

The New Job Hunt: Searches Begin Online

My university students are predominantly juniors and seniors. The seniors are entering the job market anxiously, while the juniors are hoping to locate summer jobs and internships to build their résumés.

For several years I have taught a professional writing class that includes a career development unit. Students prepare résumés and cover letters, usually for real jobs or internships they are pursuing. The course has changed dramatically over the last four years; the Internet is now the primary connection to employers.

Let’s first consider how we locate career opportunities.

The days of circling openings in the “Help Wanted” section of newspaper classified ads are history. Last year when I asked students to bring newspapers to class several asked where they could buy a paper. The campus bookstore carries only the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, not the local paper. If you live…