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Software to Help the Writer Within

Visalia Direct: Virtual Valley
December 2009 Issue
October 22, 2009

Software to Help the Writer Within

Winter tends to drive me inside. I don’t mind the occasional cold winter day, but weeks of dense morning fog and damp drizzle are best enjoyed from a window. I find I write more during the winter months, sitting at my desk with mug (after mug) of hot tea with honey.

Apparently, I am not the only writer motivated by the shift in seasons. Each November is National Novel Writing Month, which celebrated its tenth anniversary this year. Known as “NaNoWriMo” (say it aloud, with a long “Oh” sound) by participants, what started as a challenge among friends in the Bay Area has become an international happening. The official Web site ( includes the history and rules for this great start to the writing season.

The Web is why NaNoWriMo has exploded in popularity. This is a non-profit, no entry-fee, event that allows everyone to potentially “win” — if you can write 50,00…