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My Addiction to PDAs: From Visor to iPod Touch

Visalia Direct: Virtual Valley
April 2009 Issue
March 2, 2009

My Addiction to PDAs: From Visor to iPod Touch

My life is digitized. Calendars, contacts, and various lists I need have been “in my pocket” for nearly a decade. I’d be lost without my personal digital assistant, better known as a PDA.

Before I had my first PDA, I carried around a Day Runner. I like Day Runner products, but they don’t fit into a pocket. I ended up leaving my planner behind more than once. If it can be lost, I will lose it.

Also, the Day Runner requires that you develop good habits that I never did master. I’d forget to check ahead for appointments, for example. My to-do list was never current. I ended up with a collection of business cards shoved between pages. The planner simply reminded me how unorganized I am.

My first PDA was a Handspring Visor. The Visor, created by former Palm employees, included an expansion slot for everything from memory to a GPS adapter. The black and white, unlit screen was diffic…